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kynam, cultivated kyara, cultivated kynam
 Cultivated Kynam versus Wild Kynam
Many years ago, we have the cultivated agarwood rolling out in stage 1, there was some marketing  or debates of various agarwood species, some bring in Aquilaria crassna from vietnam, Subintegra from thailand, malaccensis,Hirta from indonesia malaysia and Aquila sinensis all the way from Hainan and guangzhou in China. There are even super 10 in 1 seedlings or magical resin producing seedlings available in the market at that time.

For Stage 2, there was a lot of "magical inoculation" for agarwood in the market, some use liquid dripping, some with powder form, tree debarking methods and many ways you can think of to "force out" the resin from the agarwood trees. Most of them demand a high price which make it hard for the farmers to obtain profit from the cultivatged trees, especially for high labour cost countries.

In Stage 3, it started with agarwood investment companies holding various seminars to get hold of the investor money and getting "almost free" agarwood trees from the farmers with some plantation management effort and agarwood trees inoculations.

Now for stage 4, we see the entry of Cultivated Kynam/Kyara.

Let us take a look at the cultivated kynam chips below. In terms of scent, it is similar to the green kynam, just that it is very young and fresh and comes with "simpler" notes compare to the complex notes from the wild kynam.

Many of the traders already turn the cultivated kynam into powder form and sold as "wild kynam powder" which is usually the byproducts after beads making. If the cultivated kynam price is near to lower mid range, it is a good buy to try out it's "plum like" agarwood scent :)

cultivated kynam, cultivated kyara

Look at the wild Kynam below, looks highly resinated with tigerwood style "resin flower" for cross section cut. These are perfect for making agarwood beads, with the left over powder for high end agarwood lovers of kynam fumigation purpose. Read more about tigerwood over here

wild kynam, wild kyara

Comparing the scent between cultivated kynam and wild kynam, the wild kynam win hands down for it's concentrated kinamic scent, different layers and complexity in scent profile. Many traders control the price of wild kynam to be very high and with the entry of some higher quality cultivated kynam, we may see some compeitition between them, especially for low grade wild kynam to higher grade cultivated kynam.

Like other types of wild agarwood, if you love a certain type of agarwood, it will be your kynam as all of them comes from the forest.