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 Limited Edition Oud 
2017 has been a very good year for our team and we are very forturnate to meet some very knowledgeble friends, mentors and customers connecting us through the beautiful scent of agarwood.

For 2018, we will be releasing small quantities of special oud , from both internally and sourced from partners in this trade. It is a way saying thank you to our supporters.

On the list, we will first launch our West Malaysia tiger oud oil, a very small portion will be released to public via this website and the rest of this precious oud will be distributed internally to our offline friends, our oud lovers and royal customers.

Let's talk about Tigerwood, compare to the usual Malaysia agarwood which comes from Aquila Malacensis and Aquila Hirta, Tigerwood or sometimes people refer it to Aquila Rostrata, has a different resin formation, it is more solid and very suitable for bracelet making. Before the china agarwood wave, it was sold cheaply and use mianly for agarwood oil distillation, mainly because it's resin color or texture are usually "whiter" and some of them looks really white and yellow, only with some "3D" resin spot on the surface. Density is certainly Tigerwood's strength, but most of the tigerwood does not sink, some are really good in quality and produces "beautiful resin flowers" in the cross section of the tigerwood blocks.

Back to our tigerwood oud scent, personally i find it very earthly with some notes which are medicine and incense like, the notes are on the bright side without any dark notes from long soaking. It was distilled using underground water in our warehouse, which i will put up another article for it when i have time to update this website.

The Oud distilled are beautiful and light yellow whisky color, some high quality dust coming out from beads making also went into this batch of distillation, resulting to a very pure and tigerwood scent which is very refine and unqiue.

oud,tiger oud,rostrata

All right, since we touch on the topic on tigerwood, i will share some of the photos of the "3D tiger spot" over here with our readers. (Pardon the watermark because alot of people related to agarwood trade has been copying and using some of my agarwood photos.

agarwood,tigerwood,west malaysia tigerwood,aquila rostrata

If you cut one beautiful block of tigerwood, if the quality is good, you will most likely find beautiful "resin flower" like the photo below.

tigerwood oud, tigerwood agarwood, tigerwood oil

Some agarwood traders like to refer tigerwood as Kyara or Kynam, just like some Japanese shop does for Brunei agarwood. Well, as long as you like the smell of any pieces of agarwood, it can be your "own version" of Kynam or Kyara.

If you are looking at some bracelet materials with very scent under room temperature and more "hardy" than those resin rich bracelet, you can't go wrong with tigerwood, which usually sits quite comfortably in the mid range and some high quality ones which can exceed 30g on a 16mm size bracelet.