About Agarwood
Agarwood has been one of the most valuable wood in the world with the uses dating back to ancient times. This precious fragrant material has been traded for centuries in Asia and middle east, with Singapore being the major trading hub for wood collected from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand in South East Asia.

Natural and wild agarwood coming from countries like India, Vietnam are getting much lesser. Most of the time, cultivated wood chips are being sold as natural ones but an experience nose will be able to tell. Many traders professionally break the wood chips into the shape of natural ones, so that the inoculation feature will be less obvious.

This is the same for natural wood coming from Hongkong and Hainan, where the natural agarwood are getting more precious due to it's limited supply. On the other hand, agarwood plantations grow in big numbers in certain southern states, each with different degree of success in inoculation.

Different trade buyers have different preference on the origins of the agarwood, due to the different scent profile. The safest and best quality still comes from natural agarwood.

The uses of Agarwood range from incense, bracelets, perfumery, chinese medicine and decoration art piece. It's highly prized after for it's wonderful aroma and amazing healing properties, be it for religion or personal enjoyment.

While it's precious because of it's resin and unique aroma, there has been many myths and stories about it which i will share more about it in this site.

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