Decoration Agarwood

Beautiful Collection Series

    Height : 30cm x length : 25.5cm  - Weight :  232 grams

    Agarwood Shape:

  • 8.4

  • Agarwood Resin Content:

  • 8.2

    Agarwood Scent:

  • 8.1

  • Sinking? :

  • Non Sinking

Malaysia Agarwood or Gaharu has always been one of the popular choice among agarwood lovers. The sweet and woody note of some high quality pieces are plesant and statisfying. Price range are at the mid range and often good value for money. This double A quality piece has the right resin content to please the majority agarwood lovers and at the same time, a good shape to acompany the oil!

About Malaysia Agarwood

Malaysia Agarwood can be categorized as two major group, East and West Malaysia with very good quality pieces coming out from time to time. Of all malaysia agarwood, Real Tiger wood has the highest density and aroma for making agarwood beads.

Different Agarwood Scent profile between East and West Malaysia

Personally, i felt that the different scent of agarwood are affected by type of tree spieces(8 out of 17 are able to produce the precious resin), reason that causes the tree to produce resin and the amount of resin to give different notes to agarwood lovers.

We have came across many wood and to put it in a general and easy classification:

West Malaysia : Sweet and Woody/Earthly notes

East Malaysia : Flowery notes and some with spicy notes.

Depending on how you burn the wood and how you intepret the scent, my suggestion may be different and the most important thing is to pick those which you like and enjoy more.