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 Art of Agarwood
I am a lover of art and nature, being a young boy, when many people were playing marbles or dragon ball cards in primary school life, i was the one who keep interesting pieces of wood or treasure in my bag. I love beautiful shape of wood, be it agarwood or any other forms of natural wood. This could be inspired by my father's collection of artisty wood in my house since young.

Very often, if you are looking at collecting beautiful shape or decorative agarwood, chances are you will encountered many with "super glue" added to fix them. I am not complaining that the "repairing" work done by the agarwood workers or villagers are bad, in fact, many are hard to spot until you try magnifying them or try burning the suspicious spot. They are the experts in this skills as well.

Take large ant hole agarwood for example, most of it are paste or "repaired" by super glue, this is quite undestandable if you really clean or crave out your own wood. Certain wood fibre are very fragile and easily broken with a slightly wrong direction or strong pressure applied to it, sometimes, while "chopping" or cleaning out the white wood to "outline" the agarwood shape, you may accidently damage the beautiful flows of resin lines underneath.

So with my own workers or partners, they know i am going to crave my own wood out for certain beautiful piece of agarwood or super resinated pieces, mainly to keep it as original as possible and prevent any damages. Certain large pieces, it may take weeks to curve out, due to the complexity.

For beginners, if you have access to unclean "agarwood ears" type of agarwood, you can try craving them out and train your skill. The agarwood ears will teach you how to "be light and nice" in order to retain the shape :)

You can admire the piece below for the different line of resin, apologies for the watermark as i have seen many of my photos used among other traders without my permission.

Special decoration Agarwood : Notice of how beautifully the resin lines are and the texture. Can reader guess which type of resin formation triggered this piece of art?

decoration agarwood, art of agarwood

Sometimes, you may also encounter beautiful shape of agarwood but with lower resin content, it may look yellowish compare to darker grade agarwood.

Do note that if the shape and price is good, it is ok to keep some just for decoration purpose.

Agarwood for decoration photo number 2 : You can observe the artistic piece of agarwood below, from cambodia origin, note that there are some broken holes at the bottom part, the upper portion of the agarwood seems to be more complete compare to the bottom.

agarwood candan, agarwood hirta

I am also a fan of Brunei Agarwood, only a few manage to get hold of the our limited edition super sinking bracelet and wood in south east asia before all goes to China markets. See below for my Brunei agarwood, with unique scent among the kalimantan range.

brunei agarwood, decorative agarwood

Just like those super nice vintage agarwood, perhaps if you are lucky, you can keep some natural shape of agarwood and admire them at night like myself. After a day of hard work, i would bring out some of my agarwood collection and recall the memories of harvesting trip before i meet them and admire the art of agarwood.