In this information overflow era of the big data, there are tons of information about agarwood, many of them are real, useful and honest information, some of them are tales of the alibaba, some with movie like drama such as fighting some wild tigers or animals with bare hands and finally obtain that piece of super value agarwood on the table for the potential buyers. Some master beautifying the "miracle" power of agarwood and so on.

For 2020 and over the years, especially during this covid 19 situations i am very grateful to my customers and good friends around the globe, from perfume house,natural museums to wholesale partners. Besides the usual wood distribution business, i would like to thank my mentors and special friends in Singapore related to agarwood, Mr H from Bukit Timah whom i love to have coffee with and really enjoy the chat about agarwood and life,  Mr P bringing me to exclusive clubs for agarwood stories and also the kopi session with the nearby incense master.

With the new articles added to my agarwood sharing portal. I hope to be able to contribute a little to the agarwood society by providing some personal thoughts on agarwood and information about agarwood, hopefully we can prevent buyers falling into the hands of dishonest sellers and let everyone enjoy this beautiful scent of wood from mother nature.