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agarwood candan, agarwood hirta
 Agarwood Candan - Agarwood Hirta
Many of my good friends know sometimes i will release Agarwood Candan or Aquilaria Hirta in different grades and forms to those whom i think will appreciate this type of agarwood for personal and incense usage.

Compare to the widely available Malaccensis, Agarwood candan seems to be like the Lexus out of the toyota range of Malaccensis. There are quite a number of sources for this wood, some from indonesia and cross over the straits and sell as malaysia wood, some with different variations of Candan in asean. My favorite candan would be the sweet honey and very clean note type. Once you light it out, immediately, you can easily differentiate this to the usual east malaysia wood and malaccensis.

Higher grades of Candan are like chocolate chips, looks very tasty and you can already smell the wood by looking at the photos.

If you are curious on how to identify the leaves of Aquilaria Hirta or Agarwood Candan, u can feel the bottom of the leaves and it has a hairy feel to it.

Many refers Aquila Hirta or candan to be the vietnam version of Malaysia agarwood but it is different, both falls into the category of sweeter scent compare to other agarwood. Some refers it to vanilla scent, some to herbal sweet. As many traders promotes soil agarwood, brunei wood, tarakan and etc, candan remains to be low profile and understated alternative to them, something similar to the Lexus in the past (The design of modern Lexus are more aggressive now)

agarwood, candan, hirta, aquilaria hirta

Larger blocks of mid grades of candan can be turned into bracelets

If you are a bit bored of the usual borneo wood or malaccensis, perhaps you can try burning some littles chips of Agarwood candan like the ones below :)

agarwood candan, agarwood hirta

If you are lucky, you will be able to find some high quality candan incense from reputable incense master or some candan oud oils, do keep them as it is getting lesser and pricey to produce high quality candan oud products.