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 Covid 19 versus Agarwood
 During the month of February, i have received emails asking me about the whether agarwood can protect or prevent covid 19 virus. I have to be honest and say, it cannot protect you against this infectious virus.

Many of the online/offline agarwood sellers tend to associate agarwood to be one of the fumigation material to guard against covid 19, since down times of the agarwood has been quite some time, i understand many are earning a living so i leave it to you readers to judge.

If you are looking at the positive side of things, perhaps if you smell some good scent like agarwood, or other frangance material, may boost your mood which in turns may improve a thing or two for your immune system.

I believe the best way is to stay at home, healthy food, exercise and more rest, it is far better than you burning up all the wood chips you can find at home :)

Some wanted me to introduce them with some good oud selection of mine which they intend to rub on their nose or mask while going out and if they cant seems to sniff out the scent of agarwood oil, they will be alerted, as one of the possible symtoms for covid19 is losing the sense of smell.

But the better product or oil in this case will be the trusty Axe oil or tiger balm, easily available in most asian's home, so in this case, i refer them to use these instead :)

I remembered that was once, a documentary on TV which indicates that agarwood can dispel mosquito, which is not true for my case, i have a habit of using arab style burner and burn quality piece on charcoal in my home, most of the time, the scent will "stick to the wall" because of my heavy usage, in my experience, i still received some "kisses" from the mosquito..perhaps i need to try kinam to better finished my research on this.

In this challenging times, it is not advisable to spend too much on non essential luxury items, including agarwood, save more on your wallet, spend more time with your families and loved ones.

covid19 agarwood

I have this feeling that, a couple of mlm and suspicious agrwood investment/plantation company may use this covid 19 pandemic to "close shop" or "exit" and you know, the standard stories common in scam investment. Some companies i heard reporterdly turn themselves to various government agencies to surrendered themselves after a couple of mini 1mdb fund transfer within their group of bros..and ...with an almost empty bank account for freezing purpose and reporting to their investors..

Of course there are good ones out there, stay safe and stay healthy my dear friends and readers!

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