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Philippines Agarwood, Pinoy agarwood, Filipino agarwood
Filipino Agarwood
After many years of marketing red soil, vietnam agarwood, cambodia, hainan agarwood, the thailand agarwood, brunei, tarakan and others, Philippines seems to be missing in the game, at least for the last 10 years.

There are two main group of Filipino agarwood, the real Filipino agarwood and the fake version.

The fake version of Filipino agarwood has the usual super big pieces appearance, resin rich but without much scent. It is used as one of the "mixing combo" of agarwood range, some with very strange scent, like some crossover species of trees.

The real Flilipino agarwood has a value for money scent which is sadly, to my own preference, perform less than ideal towards the end of the burn. But some with cooling notes similar to vietnam and china agarwood are pretty good, perfect for doing sinking grade incense, oil distillation and etc. Many flocks over to Philppines to buy, some ended up in the news with DENR of the country for the illegal trade.

Nowdays, almost all of the traders will have Filipino agarwood in stock, if you do not have, then you will be missing out from the game.

It's easy to move around Filipino wood into the "traditional" expansive origin to sell as that country's wood. For e.g Filipino to Vietnam wood conversion and etc, it's very common in the trade since 1980s.

The entrance of Philippines agarwood has affected some wholesaler's trade of their stockist of vietnam, brunei, hainan, tarakan and those which can be turn into agarwood art crafts products from the southern states of China. So some prefer to protect the usual "good students" such as Brunei, Vietnam and etc and brand Filipino as the bad ones :)

philippines agarwood, philippines agarwood

New agarwood traders or players also welcome the agarwood from Philippines, because it is not easy to have access to grandpa types of highly resinated vintage agarwood and how much can you stock up these super quality pieces and how you can sell with the high price and profit margin. The Filipino wood seems to be the answer for that.

It's something like buying Lexus with toyota price or VW's money for Audi.