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 Special Thanks from Agarwood SG
I wanted to say a big thank you to many of my agarwood friends, agarwood partners, private agarwood vip customers coming from various industry, Auto group,movie, e-commerce, property business and commodity. I also wanted to thank media friends such as Charmian for her agarwood story cover in The Peak Singapore magazine.

It is during this period of time, with most of the population in this planet staying at home, allows many to reflect his or her past and prepare for the better future. I wanted to take this time, to share a bit of my agarwood stories on my Agarwood SG information portal.

Agarwood, the most expansive wood in the world teaches me about many things in life, just like agarwood trees, which produce resin due to infections or physical damages, we as human beings also learn and grow from various events, setbacks and precious moments in life. I believe if we slowly accumurate and cultivate our soul and knowledge, one day, perhaps we can all be the Kynam grade of people in the society :)

agarwood beads by agarwood singapore

From Agarwood Beads to the king of Agarwood Kynam/Kyara, i consider myself to be very lucky to have met agarwood since young, my father and relatives are into the agarwood trade through wood business in Asean.

I remember i was brought to one agarwood tree planted in my house, with the seedlings donated by the local forestry department, "This is Gaharu/Agarwood" my father said, "if you give them too much care, it will be white and worth nothing, but if you give them some stress, you will get something priceless."

I did not pay too much attention since the appearance of agarwood trees are just like any other ordinary trees on the road.  When i was older and together with my father and forestry officials, we went on a trip to see several giant agarwood trees, before you even see the agarwood trees, the beautiful and mystery scent has already reach my nose, i speed up and hope to catch up with them to see the giant tree since it is not easy to travel in the forest.

When i finally reach the actual site, the huge agarwood mother tree has young agarwood trees scattered around it. The mysterious agarwood scent seems to be coming and disappearing, the diameter of the tree is quite big, with around 4 adults holding hands to measure it the old school way.

agarwood kynam by agarwood sg, agarwood singapore

Some portion of the trees were chopped off by Asli, from time to time, many of them harvest some yellow brownish color agarwood to sell for agarwood oil distillation, they do it in their own sustainable way, without chopping off the entire tree for quick profit, they seems to appreciate and thankful of the tree supporting their income in the long run.

agarwood sg oud oil, agarwood singapore agarwood oil

If we have met before, chances are, you will notice that the agarwood oil or scent i put on my shirts are pretty strong, from the banyard Arabic oud oil to cooling woody notes of other pure agarwood oil, i always keep a big portion of the good oil coming out from the factory. A tola of oud oil can last me around one month, that is around 3ml per week, if you apply oud oil to your shirts often, perhaps you can pick those with darker color to avoid staining and you will be suprise that even after several wash, the scent of oud oil still remains lightly on the shirt :) (If you are using pure and high quality oil)

To return to our mother nature, we have keep a large portion of our agarwood trees, with none of them being chopped down for business. We hope to keep the agarwood trees healthy and able to pass to next generation of the Ho family.

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