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life of agarwood
Art of Life of Agarwood
The life of Agarwood Trees, in different period of time, is similiar to our human life. There are many lessons we can learn from nature and also from the life of agarwood trees.

Let's start with the very cute seeds of agarwood tree in the photo below, can you guess the species of the agarwood tree from the seed and leave like a botanist?

agarwood seeds

When the seed break into half, young agarwood seedlings like below
will be prepared in nursery, many went into various plantation, with the buyer hoping to earn big money after 7 years :)

agarwood young trees

After several years, the agarwood trees will be ready for inoculation, usually it is by 5 years but to have higher grade cultivation chips, the tree need to be at least for 12 - 20 years.

agarwood plantation

Many methods of inoculations can be use on the trees, from putting soil inside the wood, physical chopping, liquid injection, drilling activation and etc. The best is of course, to let the tree produce the resin on it's own. Natural resination may take some time, but the grade is safe for use in medicine and food.

The photo below demonstrate part of the agarwood resin formation and it clearly shows in the cross section of the tree.

agarwood resin produced

After agarwood tree has activate the resin producing mechanism, you can observe the changes in the color of the wood fibre. In the photo below, having the same tree, you can see there is already a darker color portion of the resin coming out, with the scent attracting several little ants on the left of the photo.

agarwood resin formation

Read more about the different forms of agarwood in this article i have written.

Different types of agarwood

Can reader guess the final finished product of this soon to be piece of agarwood? :)

After the harvest, the life of agarwood still continues, like the challenges we face in life, we can overcome them just like the strong will of agarwood trees, be it rain or sunny days.

agarwood resin formation